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Professional Standards Authority

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All members of Play Therapy Ireland meet the highest professional standards and continue to comply with the latest policies and procedures which are compliant with The Professional Standards Authority.

Your training body APAC has strived to train professional play therapists to the highest possible standards and members have moved forward to represent APAC and Play Therapy Ireland in various positions within the  children’s mental health sector in organisations on a government and local level, along with private practice.

All of APAC’s highly trained play therapists will continue to meet the CORU criteria and standards, as through Play Therapy Ireland all members continue to have free access to the latest updated training, policies and procedures as Play Therapy Ireland collaborate with APAC whom comply with PSA standards (Similar to CORU).

APAC and Play Therapy Ireland members have access to the most efficient GDPR/ICO compliant management record system FORTUNA. This system anonymises data to produce the latest all important Research statistics, that shape how we as play therapists structure our practice and ensure we have the latest updated training to meet our clients current needs.

It is very important for all of our members to have a Play Therapy Ireland accredited Supervisor (Please see register on PTIrl website) to comply with statutory standards. It is important to recognise the bigger structure where qualifications, CPD and supervision is monitored and where supervisors are also monitored as they are the all-important gatekeepers to the valuable work being completed with clients.

It is imperative there is a watch body for APAC/ PTIRl/PTUK/PTI which is also being examined by the PSA, multiple layers of support and monitoring are essential to ensure each client is safe during their play therapy journey. This is why we as professional play therapists have written standards, policies and procedures, all of these layers are essential to ensure safe practice.

We are annually audited by the British Council for therapeutic interventions with chilren, this is the watchdog of our overall standards which eliminate any possible conflicts of interest and provide an annual report to the PSA. It is of upmost importance that these independent organisations oversee the work of APAC, PTIrl, PTUK and PTI this is what ensures we have the highest possible standards set within Play Therapy.

If anybody of the membership thinks they can contribute to the growing membership in Ireland of PTirl you are welcome to make a proposal to your CEO Janette Casey,