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Networking is such a valuable experience for play therapists and something which has been quite a challenge over the past two years due to Covid-19.  We congratulate Irish Play Therapy Community Association (IPTCA) for undertaking this initiative of supporting each other as a community, Play Therapy Ireland is grateful for such a opportunity that brings play therapist together on a social support basis.

Your professional membership with PTIrl provides in addition the reassurance that being on the approved PSA register meets already the Coru Standards for when the times comes to be accredited by Coru. These high Standards have been achieved over the last 20 years with the result that Ireland in comparison to the rest of the world has the highest number of play therapist in relation to your population. Congratulations!

This has been achieved by all of you being trained in Integrative Holistic Model of Play Therapy using the play therapy competencies learnt and the outcome of the high quality of your work with children supporting their mental health demonstrates (see a snapshot of the research for Ireland below).

Across all completed Irish data sets for referrals with SDQ Total Difficulty scores of 20 or above (of which there are 2275 and counting) the percentage improvements for children are:

  • Pro-Social: 18%
  • Hyperactivity:20%
  • Emotional: 34%
  • Peer: 31%
  • Conduct: 33%

To hear more about this amazing data trend come along to an evening with Monika and Sophia, see date below.

In addition, PTIr also provides:

  • Support and guidance to members by the CEO of PTIr and CEO of PTUK
  • Monthly publications of Good to Know, (comprising information such as the one posted last week on practice data from all our registrants across the globe, which we add below). We would welcome more input from PTIrl members, please send any information or good practice articles to Janette, CEO PTIrl
  • Seasonal publications of the Play for Life Journal, full of interesting and inspiring material to support your CPD requirements.
  • Newsletters from the PTIrl CEO.
  • Informative interactive website.
  • Each member with the free Fortuna record management system for safe storage of clinical data, which meets data protections regulations in Ireland, dedicated support from ( in case you run into technical difficulties.
  • On-going practice support to registrants, clinical supervisors and approved clinical supervisors from a dedicated team of experienced therapists, e.g., information to support safe practice during the pandemic and regular supervisor meetings.
  • PTIrI carries out considerable work behind the scenes meeting with Coru regulators, ensuring a smooth transition to an Irish regulator. Standards are in place to meet Coru competencies.
  • Meeting with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to maintain our accreditation with the PSA who set the professional standards for Play Therapists, Clinical supervisors, Counsellors for Children and Young people using the creative Arts, Filial Coaches, Therapeutic Play Practitioners, and trainees. This is unique in all the psychological professions.
  • Lobbying UK Government to get Play Therapy in every school we are working to replicate this work in Ireland. Our work is being recognised in Ireland, more recently funding was available for therapists to access and deliver play therapy in schools.
  • We use research to continually build on the Play Therapy evidence base to support and underpin your practice and funding.
  • Applications for Garda Vetting (contact CEO PTIrl via the PTIrl website).

New for 2022

  • An evening with Eileen, Fortuna record management demonstration 5th January 2022 from 7.00-8.00pm. 1 CPD point. Category 2.
  • An evening with Monika and Sophia, Research, and the efficacy of play therapy in Ireland and how to use data. 12 January 2022 from 7.00-8.00pm. 1 CPD point. Category 6.
  • Coffee and opportunity for questions with Monika PTUK/PTI and Janette, CEO PTIrl 20 January 2022 from 11.00-12.00am. 1 CPD point. Category 6.
  • An evening with Alun, Introduction to Secondary Trauma 07/02/22 from 7.00-8.00pm. 1 CPD point, Category 1.
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