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Publications and Books


Play Therapy Ireland Members have access to:

  • ‘Play for Life’ – the full colour practitioner journal published by Play Therapy International (PTI) and including contributions from Ireland
  • Research reports based upon play therapy clinical outcomes data held in the SEPACTO database managed by PTUK on behalf of PTI and PTIrl.


Play Therapy Books

Play Therapy UK is in the process of constructing a play therapy bibliographic database which will be made available for all PTIrl Members. At present this has over 400 titles which are currently being classified and graded.

As an interim measure we list below the ‘most read’ play therapy books.

This list is based upon the number of book reviews produced by APAC’s students’ during the Certificate in Therapeutic Play and Diploma in Play Therapy courses. It is therefore derived from the course reading list and the usefulness found by the students. The list includes includes books about individual play therapy ‘tools’ such as music, sandtray, movement and drama as well as play therapy itself. The top three titles are recommended as essential reading for anyone who wishes to train as a Play Therapist. The list shows the title, publisher, ISBN and authors/editors.

1 Dibs in Search Of Self
Ballantine Books
0 345 33925 8
Virginia M Axline

2 Windows To Our Children
The Gestalt Journal Press
Violet Oaklander

3 The Healing Path With Children An Exploration For Parents and Professionals
The Play Therapy Press Limited
Mark A Barnes
(This title is available direct from Play Therapy International – please email:

4 The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology A Contextual Approach
0 415 19492 x
Allan Carr

5 Play Therapy
Ballantine Books
0 345 30335 0
Virginia Axline

6 The Handbook of PlayTherapy
Linnet McMahon

7 Child Centred Play Therapy
0 340 65253 5
Janet West

8 Play Therapy The Art of Relationship
AD – Accelerated Development Inc.
1 55959 017 3
Garry L Landreth

9 Play Therapy
Bailliere Tindall
Kendrick, Ryan, Wilson

10 Counselling Children A Practical Introduction
Sage Publications Ltd
Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard

11 Reconnecting to the Magic of Life
Imaginal Press
Joyce Mills

12 Dramatherapy Theory and Practice 1
Sue Jennings

13 Using Storytelling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children
Winslow Press
Margot Sunderland

14 Storytelling with Children
The Hawthorn Press
Nancy Mellon

15 Inscapes of the Child’s World
Spring Publications
J Allen

16 Moon Over Water Meditation Made Clear With Techniques For Beginners and Initiates
Gateway Books
Jessica Macbeth

17 Attachment and Loss: Volume 1 Attachment
Penguin Books Ltd
0 14 013837 4
John Bowlby

17 Attachment And Loss : Volume 2 Separation Anxiety and Anger
Penguin Books Ltd
0 14 013838 2
John Bowlby

17 Attachment and Loss: Volume 3 Sadness And Depression
Penguin Books Ltd
0 14 013839 0
John Bowlby

18 Music Therapy. Intimate Notes
Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd
Mercedes Pavlicevic

19 Sandplay Studies Origins, Theory and Practice
Sigo Press
Katherine Bradway, Karen Signell, Geraldine Spare, Charles Stewart, Clare Thompson, Louis Stewart

20 Pied Piper Musical Activities to Develop Basic Skills
Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd
Amelia Oldfield, John Bean

21 Music Therapy: An art beyond words
L Bunt

22 Dance Movement Therapy Theory and Practice
Helen Payne

23 Play Therapy Theory and Practice A Comparative Presentation
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Lisa Mages Braverman, Kevin J O’Connor

24 Theraplay Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships through
Attachment-Based Play
Jossey-Bass Publishers
Phyllis B. Booth, Ann M. Jernberg

25 Storymaking in Education and Therapy
Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd
Nancy King, Alida Gersie

26 Understanding Children’s Sandplay – Lowenfeld’s World Technique
The Margaret Lowenfeld Trust
0952 1788 O X
Margaret Lowenfeld

27 Images of the Self
Sigo Press
E L Weinrib

28 Where the Sky meets the Underworld
Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd
Ann Cattanach

29 Handbook of Play Therapy
John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Kevin J. O’Connor, Charles E. Schaefer

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