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The Play Therapy Tool Kit

The techniques and methods are the tools in the tool-kit of a play therapist or a practitioner of therapeutic play. The more skills or tools practitioners have the better they can adapt to new situations, difficulties or problems and follow the lead given by children in the sessions.

These tools are also resources. The more resources, inner and outer, that we have access to the less likely that we will “burn out”.  However it is no use knowing the theory of a tool without the practical experience of using it, initially under safe conditions.  This is why Play Therapy Ireland (PTIrl) places great emphasis on practical and experiential play therapy training.

The play therapy tool-kit is also based upon the set of competencies described in the Professional Structure Model (PSM) developed by PTUK.

The main ‘tools’ are:

  • Creative Visualisation
  • Dance and Movement
  • Art
  • Dramatherapy
  • Storytelling
  • Puppets
  • Sandtray
  • Masks
  • Music
  • Clay
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